Learn From Their Experience

Patients,  family members, and professionals share their experience with opioid addiction.

  • Wendy, recovering from an
    opioid addiction

  • Sherry, recovering from an opioid addiction

  • Kirk, family member

  • Dr. Hakique Virani, addiction medicine physician

About This Website

The goal is to offer patients and their family members a destination to find information and resources to help them begin and continue on their recovery journey. We invite you to explore the website and learn more about opioid addiction and how to get help.

Journey to Recovery

The journey to recovery involves patience, diligence, and will require you to stay committed to your method of treatment. The following sections outline the path from what to expect during your journey, how to avoid relapse, and continually plan for the ongoing recovery process. Read more

Search for a Doctor in Your Area

As you begin or continue your journey to recovery, finding help and support along the way becomes a crucial element to your continued success. Learning who - and where - to turn to for assistance can make all the difference. Read more

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Whether it is your first time attempting to quit, or you're entering the next stage of your journey to recovery; we provide information to support you through the process. The effects of withdrawal from opioid addiction can be overwhelming and potentially lead to relapse, but it's important to keep trying. Read more